Posted in April

Being descriptive is something I seem to drawn to. I think that is what drew me towards reading in the first place. Descriptive words made my mind go wild and think of scenarios I would have never thought could come to my mind. The words used to explain everything in a book without missing a detail made it come alive in my mind and it fascinated me. It brought that refreshing gust of wind that took me away from the my same boring life cycle. It is what enhanced my mind in a way. I was able to comprehend different situations and problems someone might face in real life making me more mature. This is what drew me to the word epithet. This word brought me back to a time in my life where I felt freedom all around me.

Posted in March

Rules are all around us. They are set for us since the moment we learn how to crawl. Home, school and work all of these places have rules set for us and if we break them we can either get yelled at, suspended, or fired. Knowing that we are set for a narrow path in our lives can get frustrating from time to time. Based on the feelings one can get from this reality makes people want to rebel against an invisible force that keeps us behind the line that separates us from our wild definition of freedom.  I chose the word abrogate this month. I have heard the phrase “rules are meant to be broken” many times this month. From my friends and classmates I can understand everyone has a different type of pressure put on them making them want to be blithe from time to time. Although sometimes following these rules seem wrong they are handy in a society where everyone has different opinions in every matter. Although I know everyone gets frustrated for the limits they are put on them rules have a purpose and I like to think they are there for our benefit. Many people may not think like this because they think their freedom is taken away from them but  I notice people who break the rules all the time. They don’t follow them because they don’t want to because they know it is their choice. Overall the law isn’t something that makes you do things you don’t want. It is a sort of guidance set to help all of us.

Posted in February

As a teenager I question everything I do. Whether it be my decisions or goals, I have to reassure myself and set myself straight.  Doing this isn’t easy all the time, sometimes it just seemed easier to not have a care in the world but I have recently learned that affects me and as a bonus I end up worrying my family. It’s sometimes difficult to understand if I am going to be okay in the future which is why I picked the word Cryptic this month. As the new year slowly passes many troubles have crossed my path. Many of these events for as harmless as they may have seemed may me nervous and I expected the worse from them. Unfortunately I was right most of the time. It wasn’t easy for me to understand the meaning of these events but I had lots of help from close adults. Having their support, advice and being able to make sense of the situations myself was what helped me get back on track.

Posted in October


Ambivalence: mixed feelings or emotions.

As human beings we experience different emotions everyday. Controlling them isn’t something that can be accomplished so easily. Whether we feel emotions that put us in a good mood or a bad one we struggle with identifying exactly what we feel and putting a label to our emotions.These emotions have helped me grow and taught me how to make the best out of every situation. I’ve been lucky enough to have people around me that helped me deal with my ambivalence and taught me that we can handle what we feel if we can view a situation in different perspectives. That is who we are, it is in our nature for us to want to be able to understand ourselves and what we feel for other people. Having mixed feelings isn’t something we should avoid but use as a tool to help us grow and learn how to make choices that will make us content.