Posted in February

As a teenager I question everything I do. Whether it be my decisions or goals, I have to reassure myself and set myself straight.  Doing this isn’t easy all the time, sometimes it just seemed easier to not have a care in the world but I have recently learned that affects me and as a bonus I end up worrying my family. It’s sometimes difficult to understand if I am going to be okay in the future which is why I picked the word Cryptic this month. As the new year slowly passes many troubles have crossed my path. Many of these events for as harmless as they may have seemed may me nervous and I expected the worse from them. Unfortunately I was right most of the time. It wasn’t easy for me to understand the meaning of these events but I had lots of help from close adults. Having their support, advice and being able to make sense of the situations myself was what helped me get back on track.


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